Watch leaders and organisers, a new 'Stay Safe' booklet for 2021/22 is now available, please click here for details of how to get them. A digital copy is also available to view or download in the 'Advice & Tips' section of this website.

2021/2022 Dorset 'Stay Safe' Booklet out now!

Neighbourhood Watch has lacked support and funding from local authorities for several years and in consequence although still there, has been able to very little on promotion. With the election of a new Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset, David Sidwick, and his wholehearted support we have updated and improved our Stay Safe booklet which was last published in 2015.

We now have the 2021/22 edition printed and ready for distribution amongst your members and residents. Alternatively you can view the booklet online HERE or download a digital version of it below.

It is a fantastic booklet full of helpful suggestions on a wealth of safety and security matters.

We hope that this will bring NW back into people's minds and encourage them to digitally engage with us.

Please contact me at if you would like to order any

Tim Stearn.

Download the ADW 'Stay Safe' booklet here (PDF - Revised 14|09|21)

Dorset's New Police and Crime Commissioner, David Sidwick

On the 6th May 2021 Dorset elected David Sidwick as its new Police & Crime Commissioner. During his campaign ADW fielded three questions regarding his aims for the role and his support of the watch networks within the county, you can read the questions and his responses below.

ADW: Why should Watch members vote for you?

David: Let me address this under three headings - Skills, Commitment and Connections.

Skills - The job of the PCC is about representing the people and using skills of leadership, strategy, resource allocation and communication. I was a senior executive in the pharmaceutical industry which appreciates exactly those skills. I have an MBA with distinction and received a global leadership award. I have since been the managing director and chairman for a number of companies. I understand governance which the PCC role is through my work as a Director of an academy and Chair of Governors. I have operated at a senior level in large organisations with large budgets but also built my own successful business over 18 years so I understand achieving lots with very little too. This experiences are directly applicable to the role.

Commitment - In March 2018 I closed my company to full-time campaign and prepare for the goal of being PCC. There is no training course and whilst most learn on the job I wanted to prepare as well as I could so I could hit the ground running. To be the Conservative candidate I knew I would have to have 20 initial interviews, a panel interview with other PCCs, a written exam and then to campaign and gain the majority of votes in a Town Hall meeting. I spent the year before that starting to campaign but also going to see other PCCs and their forces as well analysing all 43 forces to assess the linkage between their police and crime plans and their delivery of effective policing. Then for the last two years I have full-time campaigned across Dorset as well as having numerous interviews with individuals and organisations to prepare for the role.

Connections - For three years (two as Conservative candidate) I have built connections not only within Dorset but at a national level. I have lobbied the Prime Minister twice to get a better deal for Dorset and also about ensuring a robust drugs policy. I have the enthusiastic support of the Home Secretary and have also lobbied the Justice Secretary on sentencing. I have discussed county lines and stalking with the policing and safeguarding ministers and with the latter I set up a meeting with a victim of stalking to push for more support for victims. I have the support of MPs and the council leaders as well as numerous councillors across Dorset and BCP. I have also met with numerous charities to understand the needs of the vulnerable across Dorset. For the last two years I have also met with individual police officers and departments from the neighbourhood policing teams to the Chief Constable - these interviews have been in depth and I have been out on patrol with both the NPT and response teams. This includes numerous discussions with the Chief and Deputy Chief Constables over the two years to understand their issues. This has given me a broad spread of understanding of the Police Force that serves the people of Dorset. But most importantly was meeting with residents and groups including Watchs. It is the residents and businesses of Dorset who I seek to represent and it is them who I have spent most time with.

In summary I have the skills, the passion and commitment for the people of Dorset and also and critically more than any other candidate have the connections to make a difference.

ADW: If elected, what would be your top 5 priorities in the first 90 days and what milestones would you expect to achieve within that timescale?

David: These will mirror the priorities in my campaign and start moving to address them. Having spent a significant time:-

TO CUT CRIME AND ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR: This will be the number one priority for the police to provide a robust focus to cut violent crime, rural crime and the constant grind of ASB - So people across Dorset see a clear difference and feel safer.
  • Initial Meetings with senior police leaders to emphasise direction of travel - measurement by seeing results with enforcement
  • Virtual conference with primary school leaders to discuss keeping the young safe and also building respect for themselves, institutions and the community measurement action plan
  • Regular meetings in place with Dorset and BCP council and police to drive better co-partner working particularly around issues of ASB. - Measurement is productive action steps from each meeting - vital as we hit the Summer months
TO MAKE POLICING MORE VISIBLE TO PREVENT CRIME: To increase the number and visibility of police officers in our neighbourhood teams so police again fulfil a prevention role and the people and businesses across Dorset experience less crime. Contact will be improved so people know their police, see them around and can contact them easily when needed.
  • Initial meeting with Chief Constable to address how we can get more front-line in addition to the uplift - measurement - action plan showing direction
  • Review of 101 / 999 resource in depth, push Single On-line Home capability and examine use of Apps to more closely link to NPT after initial reporting - measurement - improved communication statistics
  • Production of action plan with NPTs to increase connection and visibility in communities with residents and businesses. Measurement - plan in place.
TO FIGHT ORGANISED AND VIOLENT CRIME: To tackle organised gangs, be tough on drugs and the violence around drugs and to tackle “hidden harms” such as child abuse, domestic violence, hate crime, modern slavery and cyber crime.
  • Meeting to discuss and initiate crackdown on drugs - measurement - enforcement success
  • Rehabilitation and addiction charity meetings to identify what is working what isn't and how to fix it - measurement - action plan for success
  • Meeting with Acts Fast - child abuse charity to discuss ways of increasing their awareness to provide victim support
  • Meeting with Domestic abuse charities and victims to discuss 15 point plan to reduce offending and increase victim support - implementation there of
  • Meeting to initiate 200 extra volunteers to visit the elderly and help prevent fraud and scamming - measurement by success in delivery by 90 days
TO FIGHT RURAL CRIME: To significantly increase the rural crime team and their capabilities and to have specific strategies to address burglary, anti-social behaviour and farm theft in the rural community.
  • Meeting with Chief Constable to initiate increase in rural crime team , ensure geographic ownership and increase rural specials
  • Meetings to scope Country Watch with relevant parties including leaders of Watches, NFU, police and other interested parties - measurement is production of plans and timelines for delivery.
  • Meeting to discuss increasing burglary prevention - agreement in principle to increase awareness with business sector plus Watch involvement - measured by action plan
TO PUT VICTIMS AND COMMUNITIES FIRST: Support all victims - particularly the elderly and vulnerable - and build community strength by working together with councils and agencies - supporting volunteers such as Neighbourhood Watch, Community Speedwatch, and increasing opportunities for the young with initiatives like Police Cadets.
  • Meeting with Watches to discuss publicity campaigns to increase recruitment - measurement by action plans - campaign to start September as nights draw in
  • Establishment of Youth Crime Prevention Panel - using youngsters across Dorset from Youth Parliament to those from areas of deprivation to assess projects to distract youngsters away from ASB and criminality.
  • Meeting to scope next roll-out of police cadets including concept of mini cadets in primary schools.
TO MAKE EVERY PENNY COUNT FOR DORSET: To resource and transform the front-line and reduce administration so patrol and response teams can spend more time out on the beat - Engaging with our communities, gathering intelligence and making residents feel safer on our streets.
  • Full review of financial status of both force and OPCC against priorities to find areas of resource
  • Initiation of project to find areas of efficiency in front-line policing to give more time to crime fighting.

ADW: Do you regard Watch groups as important in building safer communities, and if so how would you plan to help grow membership?

David (Conservative): Yes I absolutely do. Here is a summary of my interactions. I have met with both the Chair and President of the Association of Dorset Watches to discuss their view of crime prevention. I have supported residents and attended a significant number of Neighbourhood Watch meetings. I have met with and attended meetings of both the North Bournemouth and East Dorset Crime Prevention Panels. In fact I have been asked to regularly attend the NBCPP. Other watch groups such as Pub Watch, Farm Watch etc I have also met with. I have met with the chair of Hotel Watch and also attended meetings to understand the issues there.

Speeding issues are of concern to our community and I have met with the chair of Community Speed Watch and seen its good work on a number of occasions in action. Finally I have also been out on the water with and discussed issues with Harbour Watch. Finally I have also spoken with a senior member of Neighbourhood Watch nationally specifically on the work that is being done to strengthen communities by early intervention in schools. This has given me a great background of understanding regarding Watches and the great work that they do. It has been shown that Neighbourhood Watch for example has reduced crime by on average 26%. I believe completely in the ability of Watches to help strengthen their communities.

I intend to do the following if elected:-
  • Publicise and support the work of Watches with both data and local case studies to show their effectiveness and increase recruitment
  • Increase and strengthen the relationship between Watches and Dorset Police so we improve intelligence sharing and crime prevention
  • Ensure resource so we can pro-actively target areas and increase Watches where they are needed
  • Bring forward the concept of Country Watch a risk based assessment linking closely both current watches, police and councils in our rural community to drive prevention - this will include new concepts - the Dorset Rangers - mounted volunteers keeping their eye on areas of countryside that are hard to reach
I am completely clear that Watches figure in my vision to make Dorset the safest county in the UK. They form part of my core six priorities - here is the exact wording: "Support all victims, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, and build community strength by working together with councils and agencies. Supporting volunteers such as Neighbourhood Watch, Community Speedwatch, and increasing opportunities for the young with initiatives like Police Cadets. I see strengthening communities and the Watches as a core part of my administration if elected."

ADW would like to congratulate David on his election win and look forward to seeing he can achieve in his new role.

David Sidwick - What I Plan To Do

Having being elected as Dorset's new Police and Crime Commissioner, David Sidwick, released the following statement about his plans for the role...

I am humbled and grateful to the people of Dorset for electing me as their Police and Crime Commissioner. I’ve lived in this county all my life, my children were brought up here and my family goes back generations. It is therefore a great honour to represent all of you – and that of course includes those who voted for me in the recent PCC elections, as well as those who voted for one of the other candidates and those who didn’t cast a vote at all. It’s also an honour for me to work with Dorset Police, which I know is a great organisation full of dedicated, hard working people.

Safest county in the UK

Many of you will already have heard about my vision, which is to make Dorset the safest county in the UK. I know this is a place we can get to. Over the next few weeks I will be working on a new Police and Crime Plan for Dorset, which will be the roadmap setting out how we can get there. The plan will be at the heart of all activity carried out by Dorset Police, as well as my own office, over the next three years.

It will have a major impact on how we make our communities safer, so later in the summer I will be asking the people of Dorset about what matters to you and what you think should be included in the plan. Please, watch this space for more information about how you can make a contribution and have your voice heard. But first, let me tell you more about some of my own priorities – and what I want to focus on to make Dorset safer.

Focus on cutting crime

Number one on my list is for the police to robustly focus on cutting crime, from the violent crime – which is thankfully rarer here than in our big cities – to the constant grind of anti social behaviour which blights communities and makes people’s lives miserable. I want people to see a clear difference and to feel safer. I also want to bring back community focused policing to the streets of Dorset. We should increase the number of officers across our neighbourhood teams and make them far more visible, so they play a role in preventing crimes against individuals and businesses. Members of our communities should know who their local officers are and should be able to contact them easily when needed.

We need to fight organised crime, particularly the county lines drugs gangs who have brought violence into some of our towns, but we also need to tackle hidden problems such as domestic abuse, child abuse, hate crime, modern slavery and cyber crime. Dorset is a proudly rural county, and so we need to deal with those crimes which have a terrible impact on our farmers and people who live in small isolated villages, but which often take place away from the media spotlight. I want to significantly increase the rural crime team and their capabilities, and I want to develop specific strategies to tackle problems affecting our rural communities such as burglary, anti social behaviour and farm theft.

Putting victims first

But above all, we’ll put victims and communities at the heart of everything we do, because it is for these people that we need to bring about change. We need to support all our victims, particularly older and more vulnerable people, but we also need to help build up strong and resourceful communities. There’s also a huge resource of talented and passionate volunteers across our county – from Neighbourhood Watch and Community Speedwatch teams to our inspirational Police Cadets – and we need to do more to tap into that.

Finally, we need to make sure every penny counts when it comes to police funding. This is your money, which you pay through your council tax year in year out. We need to make sure we properly resource the front line and reduce unnecessary expenses so police teams can spend more time engaging with our communities, gathering intelligence and making people feel safer.

And if we get all that right, we’ll make our police crime fighters again, and Dorset will be well on the way to becoming the safest county in the UK.

David Sidwick, Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset

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What is the Association of Dorset Watches?

ADW, the Association of Dorset Watches, provides a pan Dorset umbrella organisation, which is able to offer advice and assistance to many individual groups. The ADW is made up of a large number of community Watch schemes, including Neighbourhood and Home Watch, Rural, Farm, Horse, Speed and Harbour Watch. Together, the Watch schemes form a network, together with the support of the Dorset Police. Should an incident happen, police are able to put out a message via their Dorset Alert system, which goes out to all registered members of the Watch schemes. This system is not only used for gathering information from the public, such as with missing persons and witness appeals, but is also utilised when members of the community report suspicious behaviour in their area, to distribute important information from Dorset Police, etc. An example of this is where police have a sighting of a suspicious vehicle circling around an area, a message will go out via Dorset Alert to ensure residents in that area are aware of the suspicious activity and help to prevent them falling victim to any potential crime.

We are always looking for new volunteers for various activities so if you are able to help in any way please contact us via any of the following ways:

Chairman Pat Halliday Mobile: 07464 857801

Instagram: @ADW_Executive


If you would like more details about your local Neighbourhood or Home Watch please contact one of our watch advisors (Details here: Watch Advisors Contact Details)and they will be able to let your know how to get in touch in with your local watch coordinator, or if one doesn't exist in your area and you'd like to start one they can advise on how to go about it.

ADW Vision, Mission & Stategy


A caring environment in which residents, businesses and visitors in Dorset Unitary Authority areas feel safe


  • To provide the encouragement, advice and tools to communities in support of our vision
  • To support implementation of relevant elements of the Neighbourhood Watch Network Strategy
  • To promote and support the growth and activities of all Watch groups across the Dorset Police area
  • To encourage and promote cooperative working between Watches serving the same communities


  • Grow the numbers of Watch schemes and of Watch members
  • Promote the adoption of digitally based Watch Groups
  • Provide a high level of support to Watch schemes and their members
  • Extend our reach across
    • Urban and rural communities
    • Retail and industrial areas
    • Schools
    • Areas with a perceived speeding problem
    • Age groups and ethnicities


  • Funding
    • Operational and Project funding from organisations that support communities
  • Effective Partnerships
    • Major: Police, Councils (staff & Councillors), Trading Standards, Crime Prevention Panels
    • Minor: E.g. Libraries, doctors’ surgeries, housing associations, churches, youth clubs
  • Communications
    • Members
    • Non-members- Spread awareness, then create liking, then generate wanting
    • Use of social media- Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp
    • Website
    • Meetings and Events
    • Newsletters
    • Neighbourhood Alert use by Watch leaders
  • Demonstrable Added Value
    • WhatsApp set up assistance
    • Virtual Neighbourhood Watch set up assistance
    • Community Speed Watch
    • Ferndown Watch Community Office and Sheducation
    • Signal Blockers
    • Demo kits
  • Major Essentials for Success
    • Active participation of ADW Executive members and volunteers
    • Appointment of an ADW Publicity Officer
    • Help in recruiting volunteers locally and to support ADW Executive
    • Strategic plus senior and local operational Police support
    • Social media support
    • Regular funding


Or fill out the contact form below

ADW contact form...

We are also looking for somebody to take on the role of ADW Publicity Officer 2020/21, which will involve the following duties:

  • Promote the benefits of Watch membership to residents
  • Promote the use of Dorset Alert
  • Publicise events, achievements and best practice ideas
  • Promote the use of WhatsApp for crime prevention and support to the community
  • Provide input for the ADW website

If you would like to consider volunteering for this role please get intouch with any of the above to express your interest.

Neighbourhood Watch Flyer

Download Association of Dorset Watches Constitution

ADW Constitution

  1. Title

    • The group shall be called the Association of Dorset Watches, also referred to as the ADW

  2. Area Of Coverage

    • The area to be served by the group is the geographical area of Dorset. The Association shall support and represent all registered Watch groups in the Dorset Police area.
    • The Watch types supported by ADW are listed in Appendix 1 (‘Watch Types Supported by ADW’).
    • A Watch group is considered ‘registered’ if it is registered in Dorset Alert or recorded on a list maintained by the master organisation of the corresponding Watch type or, for Neighbourhood / Home Watch, by any of the Associations listed in Appendix 2 (‘Associations Recognized by ADW’).
    • Maintenance of the details of Appendices 1 and 2 is the responsibility of the Executive Committee. Details of any changes will be reported at an AGM but do not require formal approval.

  3. Aims & Objectives

    • Complement Dorset Watch Groups in promoting crime prevention (including crime reduction, anti-social behaviour reduction and reducing the fear of crime) and liaison between Watch Groups, Dorset Police, other statutory bodies and voluntary crime reduction organisations
    • Operate as a non-political, non-racial and equal opportunities organisation
    • Provide jointly with Dorset Police, services, from time to time as required for and on behalf of all Watch Groups in the Dorset Police area
    • From time to time arrange and provide for or join in arranging and providing for the holding of conferences, exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and training courses
    • Collect and disseminate best practice information on crime prevention and reduction materials to further the aims of crime reduction and re-assurance
    • Represent the generic views, requirements and aspirations of Watch groups to Dorset Police, Regional and National Watch and other relevant organisations
    • Encourage Watch groups to work closely together by holding regular open social and business meetings in each area to facilitate closer working relationships
    • Carry out reviews from time to time on the effectiveness and impact of the organisation and its strategies
    • Encourage members to look out for vulnerable neighbours and provide them with crime prevention assistance and reassurance
    • Liaise and work with the Police, Watch groups and other voluntary and statutory bodies to prevent crime and to make Dorset a safer place to live

  4. Nature of the Group

    • The ADW will be an independent, un-incorporated body, and not under the control of any Local Authority or other outside body

  5. Officers And Executive Group

    • The group will be governed by an Executive comprised of ADW Officers, representatives from any of the administrative areas not covered by an Officer plus a non-voting representative of Dorset Police. All Officers shall be accredited members of a Watch registered on Dorset Alert.
    • Every two years (in even numbered years), Watch members attending the Annual General Meeting will elect the following Officers:
      • Chair
      • Vice-Chair
      • Treasurer
      • Secretary
      • Publicity Officer
    • Nominations (proposed, seconded and with the consent of the nominee) for Officers may be made by any Association member at the AGM or in writing prior to the meeting. There shall be no limit to the number of terms an Officer can serve.
    • The Executive may appoint a suitable person to be President of the Association for a 2-year term with equivalent rights to those of an Officer.
    • The Executive will have the powers to replace any member leaving the Executive during the 2-year term of office, to co-opt more people, and to invite representatives from appropriate agencies to attend meetings as non-voting advisors.
    • There shall be a quorum of three members, including at least 2 Officers, required to be present at a meeting.
    • Any time-critical decisions may be taken via e-mail, subject to the requirements stated in sections 5.6 and 7.2 of this document being met.

  6. Meetings Frequency

    • The ADW shall hold a minimum of three public meetings / events each year including the AGM.
    • The Executive shall hold at least three meetings per year.

  7. Executive Meetings And Proceedings

    • The Secretary shall keep full minutes of Executive meetings (recording those present, all resolutions and their outcome). All minutes shall be approved and signed by the Chair or (if different) the chair of the meeting at the next Executive meeting and shall (on reasonable notice) be available for inspection by any Executive Member or Association Member
    • Every matter considered by the Executive shall be determined by a majority of votes of the Executive Members present. In the case of equal votes the Chair of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

  8. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

    • There shall be an annual meeting of the membership which shall be held within two months of the financial year-end. 28 days notice shall be given. There shall be a quorum of fifteen Watch members required to be present at this meeting.

  9. Accounts And Financial Year

    • The ADW shall have a bank account in its name.
    • Any payment or withdrawal from the account shall require approval by the Treasurer and one other Officer using approved banking procedures.
    • The financial year shall run from April 1st to March 31st
    • The draft annual accounts shall be approved by the Executive and examined and certified as correct by an independent individual or organisation, whose appointment shall be ratified annually at the AGM.
    • The final examined annual accounts shall be laid before members at the AGM for approval.

  10. Alterations To The Constitution

    • Any alteration to the Constitution must receive the assent of not less than 50% of the Watch members present at the AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) convened for such a purpose. 21 days notice shall be given for an EGM. The quorum for an EGM shall be the same as for an AGM.
    • If the ADW is a registered charity at the time of the proposal any alteration will need the approval of the Charity Commissioners.

  11. Integrity

    • The name of the organisation shall not be used so as to commit it either publicly or privately to any expense, action or opinion except with the prior consent of the Executive Committee.
    • If in the opinion of the Executive an affiliated Group or a representative of any Watch Group brings the ADW into disrepute or behaves contrary to the objectives of ADW, that Watch Group or individual may be expelled from the ADW provided that the Group or individual is informed of the reason and given the right to be heard by the Executive before a final decision is made.

  12. Dissolution

    • Dissolution of the ADW shall be by the vote of not less than two thirds of the Executive. 28 days’ notice of such proposal shall be given.
    • Funds held in the name of the ADW shall be donated to one or more local crime prevention / reduction related group(s).
    • A copy of the audited final accounts shall be sent to the Charity Commissioners if appropriate.


Download the ADW constitution


  • Beach Hut Watch
  • Boat and Marine Watch *
  • Church Watch
  • Community Speed Watch
  • Dog Watch
  • Farm Watch *
  • Horse Watch
  • Neighbourhood (Home) Watch
  • Rural Watch

[1] For all Watches ADW only supports activities based on land across the two Unitary Authority areas of Dorset.
[2] For Watch types indicated * only activities that are community based are supported, i.e. business activities are not supported.

ADW CONSTITUTION APPENDIX 2: Associations Recognised by ADW

  • Association of Poole Watch Groups
  • Branksome Park, Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks
  • Broadstone
  • Canford Heath
  • Corfe Mullen
  • Ferndown North
  • Ferndown South and West Parley
  • North Bournemouth
  • Sherborne Town Coordinators
  • South Purbeck
  • St Leonards and St Ives
  • West Moors
  • Weymouth and Portland Coordinators
  • Wimborne and Colehill

ADW CONSTITUTION APPENDIX 3: Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance is available to members to cover Neighbourhood Watch events and activities. It has a Limit of Indemnity of £10,000,000 per claim plus legal costs, is in place to provide relevant cover for all recognised schemes and Neighbourhood Watch volunteers carrying out their roles across England and Wales. The insurance is extended to include cover for Products Liability up to £10,000,000 a year, and Employer’s Liability. This cover is paid for by Neighbourhood Watch Network. Please visit the OurWatch Website for more details as well as full terms and conditions.


Association of Dorset Watches Recent Achievements

The Association is constantly striving to keep pace with modern communication methods in order to keep residents up to speed with developments and one such scheme is being launched in the Bournemouth area to get residents to sign up to a local Whatsapp scheme that will keep them in touch with security issues as they happen. It is hoped that this will enable neighbours to talk and keep each other in the picture and replace meetings that were often badly attended.

This Year's AGM

In light of the current ongoing situation with Covid-19 this year' AGM has been postponed from its arranged date of May 11th. It will be rescheduled once the situation allows and the new date will be posted both here and on Dorset Alert.

Watch Types Included

  • Beach Hut Watch
  • Boat and Marine Watch *
  • Church Watch
  • Community Speed Watch
  • Dog Watch
  • Farm Watch *
  • Horse Watch
  • Neighbourhood (Home) Watch
  • Rural Watch

[1] For all Watches ADW only supports activities based on land across the two Unitary Authority areas of Dorset.
[2] For Watch types indicated * only activities that are community based are supported, i.e. business activities are not supported.

What are the benefits of joining a Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch aims to:
  • Prevent and reduce crime in our neighbourhoods
  • Provide reassurance to people in our communities, especially the more vulnerable
  • Provide up to date crime prevention advice
  • Encourage community members to be alert and watchful
  • Pass timely information from the police to the community (and vice versa) to help prevent and detect crime
The scheme aims to benefit both individuals and communities alike, by offering:
  • Home insurance discounts for active members
  • Specialist crime reduction advice to improve home security
  • Regular communication and crime alerts from your local police
  • The reduced likelihood of falling victim to crime
  • Vigilant neighbours concerned with community safety
  • Community issues addressed by a collective voice
More details of the benefits of becoming a watch member are available in the national Neighbourhood Watch Network flyer available below.

Setting Up And Benefits Of Neighbourhood Watch

ADW '2021/22 Stay Safe' Booklet

'Stay Safe' is a booklet produced by The Association Of Dorset Watches in association with the national Neighbourhood Watch Network as a free guide offering advice on all manners of personal safety including Fire Safety, Home Security and Fraud Prevention, as well as many more. It offers useful tips on all types of safety precautions from services like the Fire Brigade and Dorset Police, advice on what security products you should own and reputable suppliers from which they're available, as well as a directory of useful contacts for any further help and information you may need. You can have a flick through below (Swipe with mouse or on touchscreen to turn pages) Alternatively copies of the booklet are available for free as a PDF download from this website (link below) or to obtain a printed copy contact ADW.

Download the ADW 'Stay Safe' booklet here (PDF - Revised 14|09|21)

The last page of the booklet is a list of useful contacts, for ease of access these are linked below:

Report suspicious information to the police by email to
If unsure whom to contact regarding a problem 'askNED' the Dorset Police Non-Emergency Directory


To find out more about Neighbourhood or Home Watch:


To view their latest newsletter:

Website: (Then click on the newsletter box)

Property marking and security products:


Property marking and security products:


Property register:


Bike register:


Forensic property marking:


Forensic property marking including selectaDNA:


Forensic property marking:


Internet based recovery (lost property):


Era Home Security:


Ferndown Watch Community Office, crime prevention products:


Fire safety:


Safe car parks:


Personal safety:


Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents:


Report fraud:


Online safety advice:


Scams advice and resources:


Scams advice and resources:

Download Metropolitan Police's 'Little Book Of Big Scams'

Protecting children online:


Report illegal online content:


Trading standards:


A Message From Victim Support Dorset

At Victim Support Dorset we understand that in these unprecedented times (Covid-19 outbreak) people are feeling anxious and isolated, to become a victim of crime on top of this can be very difficult to cope with. If you’ve been affected by crime, we can give you the support you need to move forward. Our confidential and free service is available to all victims of crime regardless of whether the crime has been reported or how long ago it happened.

You can self-refer to our service for one to one support with a trained caseworker or supporter by phoning us on 0300 3030 163 (Open Monday to Friday 9am-6pm and late on Tuesday and Thursday until 8pm). You can also use our confidential live chat service which can be accessed via our webpage: Or contact our national supportline free on 0808 16 89 111 who are available 24/7.

Phone: 0300 3030 163


Security Routine At Night - Think KOPCAR!

Useful guide to night time security checks published by The Crime Prevention Website ( one a simple checklist of things to make sure you do each night before bed to avoid being the victim of a bulglary. Just remember to think KOPCAR each night!

  • Keys - remove from doors and windows. Make sure the doors, windows, car, safe and outside buildings are locked at night, before removing the keys even when, for example, you're in the lounge watching TV. Make sure they can't be stolen via a cat-flap or letterplate and that everyone in the household knows where the keys are kept in case they are needed in an emergency.
  • Outside lights- make sure they're on, but only illuminate the places around your home that can be seen by neighbours or people walking by.
  • Property - take to bed. Get into the habit of taking things like car keys, phones, cash, handbags and laptops into the bedroom at night.
  • Curtains or blinds - make sure they are closed at dusk to make sure thieves can't see though your windows to see what you've got to steal or that you're on your own. Close internal doors at night to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Alarm - set it if you have one. Some alarms provide a nighttime setting, allowing some free movement around the home while the alarm is on. Periodically check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Rest easy - now that you're secured you can relax, but can you phone the police or fire brigade from your bedroom in the event of an emergency?


If you KOPCAR at night you won't have to call a COP CAR in the morning!

To read the full article and for more advice please check out The Crime Prevention Website link for whick is provided below.

The Crime Prevention Website - Night Time Security Checklist (KOPCAR)

Ferndown Watch Community Office Products

The Ferndown Watch Community Office offer advice and provide security products for sale from their base in the Barrington centre. THE OFFICE IS DUE TO RE-OPEN IN DECEMBER 2021 HAVING TEMPORARILY CLOSED FOR BUILDING WORK

Download Ferndown Watch Community Office Product Leaflet (PDF)

Visit Ferndown Watch Community Office Website

Dorset Road Safe Newsletter

Dorset Road Safe seek to raise general awareness of examples of fantastic partnership working, geared towards improving road safety across the county, whilst encouraging Dorset residents to take advantage of the many schemes available for all road user groups to increase your personal safety and that of others when using the road network. Issues will continue to be published on a quarterly basis. Stay safe on our roads!

Message from Mark Cooper, Executive of Strategic Road Safety Partnership: "Dorset Road Safe is an organisation made up of police and partner agencies who come together for the shared purpose of reducing the number of casualties on our roads.

Our efforts are informed by statistical data, best practice and lessons learned to ensure we have a sound evidence base for our work. We focus on targeting the most vulnerable groups on our roads and overcoming the greatest risks to road safety through collaborative initiatives. We are committed to making strides towards our shared target of bringing about a 40 per cent reduction in those killed and seriously injured on Dorset roads by 2020.

Working together is integral to developing innovative solutions that directly address the causal factors behind road fatalities. Our six strategic priorities are at the heart of all education, enforcement and engineering efforts carried out to improve safety on the roads"

Download The Full Dorset Road Safe Leaflet (PDF)

Promote Your Watch

The Association of Dorset Watches has a number of promotional items available for the leaders of local watches within the region to use at events. These include tear drop flags and pull-up banners as shown in the photo gallery below (Swipe images left or right with mouse or on touchscreen to scroll through the gallery).

As well as these we are also offering 'Beware Of Scams' stickers and note pads both of which can be given away, hopefully these will be particularly useful by the phones or computers of the elderly and vulnerable as a constant reminder to be cautious. Previews of both of these are available from the PDF downloads below.

Download A Sample Of The 'Beware Of Scams' Notepad (PDF)

Download A Sample Of The 'Beware Of Scams' Stickers (PDF)

Also available for Watch coordinators to use to really draw some attention to your stand (And hopefully keep kids entertained while you talk to their parents!) We also have a selection of bubble machines available for loan.